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Vertical Graphene Thin Film Materials Manufacture

Since 2003, our team has been working on vertical graphene based technology,   and is granted a family of patents related to VG composite materials, process/mass production/equipments, nano-devices and applications. Vertical graphene (VG) is a thin-film complex material featuring hierarchical microstructures: graphene-containing carbon nanosheets growing vertically on its deposition substrate, few-layer graphene basal layers, and chemically active atomistic defect sites and edges.

Thin Film Coating/Deposition Service

Yickxin's team design and manufacture a variety of PVD and CVD deposition system. This system is specialized in high-quality thin film product. Beside the vertical graphene thin film, Yickxin Technology is able to provide deposition service like metal, metal oxide, carbon and so on.

Micropatterning Service

Yickxin's micropattern fabrication techniques are based on precision laser ablation, which can create intricate patterns on different thin film like vertical graphene thin film,   gold thin film, platinum thin film etc,. The microfabrication precision can reach 10 microns. Yickxin's micropattern product includes electrochemical sensor, biosensor chip, micro-arrays, interdigitated electrode.

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